London Gliding Club Landout Locator

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Enter the landout GPS location in the above grid and click go.
Note Lat/Long can be entered as
Degs.Degs (51.2583 -leave Min & Sec boxes blank) or Degs Mins.Mins ( 51 15.5 - leave Sec box blank ) 
or Degs, Mins and Secs (51 15 30 - all boxes filled)

Before setting off please make sure that you are going to the right place by agreeing the destination as
displayed with the pilot. Farm names and road names as opposed to numbers are available on Multimap
as are aerial photos. It is equally important that you ensure that the last bit of the journey is as MSN thinks
it is as MSN is not designed for true cross country ie farm & field trips. The actual entrance to the field could
be from an entirely different main road and via several other fields. Hence the importance of agreeing with the
Pilot their exact destination and from which road to get access to the field. This system is meant to help
common sense not replace it.... It is no fun turning large glider trailers in lanes so please make sure that
it is accurate before leaving...

Get Directions from LGC to landout site from MSN Mapping using shortest route

Get Directions from LGC to landout site from MSN Mapping using quickest route

      Provides a good road directions but last bit should be double checked with pilot using Multimap if needed which
      also displays road names as opposed to numbers and has hires sat images. Remind retrieve crew to reset Trip computer
      before setting off. Shortest route should be checked for suitability for trailer.

Get Landout area map from Multimap (Can also display hires aerial photos to help locate access & local farms)
      Zoom in by 1 to get street names displayed instead of numbers
      Click Aerial button to get detailed Sat images

Get Directions from Google maps

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